The Process

Not everyone want's to know the process of what happens to their pet and that's ok.  We've hidden the contents of this page until you click the button below. 

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After receiving a phone call Louise or a staff member will pick up your pet from home or the vet. Your pet comes to Louise's home to await cremation.

On Thursdays Louise puts all the pets into her car and heads to her crematorium at Queanbeyan. Any plastic bags that vets place pets into are removed and pets are visually identified and placed into the crematorium on a grid. Grids are carefully mapped to each pet. Louise maintains strict quality control over the placing of pets so you can have peace of mind that you are getting your pet's ashes back.

After the cremation process which takes around 2.5 hours your pet's ashes are carefully removed and cooled, then placed into your chosen container or urn.

Your pet is then returned to your home or vet.

State of the art kiln located in Queanbeyan, NSW

Contact Louise on 0413 130 918